Greetings My Dear Friend.

Greetings My Dear Friend.

Brief introduction, I am widow from Syria, married to late Engr.Alahaji Omer Ibrahim who worked with an oil company in Abidjan Ivory Coast.  He retired in the year 2002. He died in the year 2011 after an attack by armed robbery here in Africa. I and my late husband have been in Africa for so many years before his death.

I have decided to leave Africa now back to our country  Syria due to sham and  insecurity here   because this marriage made me  change my family  religion from Christianity  to Muslim because of this my family here is Africa rejected me and  this has effected me so much  since the death of my beloved husband,

We are presently in a nearby country from Abidjan Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso for security reason and for the safety of the fund here in BF.

 I and my son planed to move to Syria  but the war there now  is a very big problem for us ,so we have decided to relocate to your country with the amount my late husband deposited with  a security company called CORNERSTONE SECURITY/FINANCE COMPANY  here in Burkina faso, if you can help  and  accept us in your country as your guest   we will be grate full , as we don't have any relation there in your country we need your assistance , on this ,  you have to receive this  funds  which the SECURITY COMPANY here has agreed to  transfer out from my late husband account to your local account over there in  your country

You have to lead us in the area which we have to invest these funds so that it will benefit to both of us, that is exactly what we need from you now, as we don't have idea of investment.

if you are honest and capable to handle this funds,  for us we have to ask the security company to contact you as our partner that will provide an account for the release of this funds from the security company here.

The fund is 7.2Million Euro deposited in the Cornerstone Security/Finance Company BF.

We have to give you more details after your reply on this. Get back to me for discussion, I attached my photo for you to know whom you are dealling with.

Here is my private email..

I am waiting to hear from you
Mrs Fatima Ibrahim

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